Keystone Pipeline Oil Spill Now Tops 9,000 Barrels

Keystone Pipeline Oil Spill Now Tops 9,000 Barrels Click to Enlarge

(Bismarck, ND) -- The oil spill at the Keystone Pipeline in North Dakota has now resulted in more than nine-thousand barrels of oil being spilled. That's according to an update issued yesterday by the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality. State environmental regulators say the spill on Tuesday encroached on wetlands about three miles outside of Edinburg, ND, which is about 70 miles northwest of Grand Forks. According to reports, it's the second significant leak in two years on a crude oil pipeline that opened less than a decade ago. In November 2017, the Keystone pipeline ruptured near Amherst, S.D., spilling 407,000 gallons of oil, though initial estimates pegged the leak at 210,000 gallons. The probable cause of that spill was a “fatigue crack” from mechanical damage during the pipeline's construction, the National Transportation Safety Board concluded last year. A metal-tracked vehicle likely caused the crack, which grew over time until the pipeline ruptured.

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