Lifesaver Awards Presented to Citizens and Officers for July Water Rescue on Detroit Lake

Lifesaver Awards Presented to Citizens and Officers for July Water Rescue on Detroit Lake Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--Citizens and law enforcement officers were recognized with Lifesaver Awards Tuesday by the Becker County Sheriff for their efforts in two water rescues last month on Little Detroit Lake. Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander presented the awards at the Becker County Board meeting to seven individuals including two Becker County Deputies for their rescues on July 7th. Glander recapped the incident that involved two swimmers who had left their boat to go for a swim on the windy evening and weren't able get back to the boat...

"At approximately 7:42pm, the Becker County Sheriff's Office reciefved a report of an abandoned boat afloat on Detroit Lake south of the Holiday Haven Motel. Boat and Water Deputies Jerron Aschnewitz and Cole Sanders were patrolling on Detroit Lake near Long Bridge at the time of the call and responded to the area of the abandoned boat. While attempting to find the owner of the boat, the Sheriff's Office received a report of possibly two injured people in the water somewhere between the J&K Marina and Holiday Haven Motel. Someone noticed a person in the lake about 200 yards from shore. Sanders took the patrol boat and went to the location where he found a female struggling to swim. Deputy Sanders held onto the female until Deputy Aschnewitz arrived in a different boat. The female was then pulled to safety in the boat...(meanwhile) Nathan Rethwisch, Lindsay Anderson, Tracy Rethwisch, Patrick Fritz and Christopher Fritz were traveling across Little Detroit on a pontoon. While they were moving, Tracy noticed just the face of a man sticking out of the water. The stopped their pontoon and pulled the male to the side of the pontoon until the deputies arrived to assist in getting the man safely to the floor of the pontoon."

(Becker County Commissioners and Sheriff Glander with Lifesaver Award recipients: Deputy Cole Sanders, Christopher Fritz, Patrick Fritz, Deputy Jerron Aschnewitz, Lindsay Anderson, Nathan Rethwisch, Tracy Rethwisch)

The man and woman who were rescued were transported to Essentia St. Mary's by ambulance, treated and discharged. Sheriff Glander said if it weren't for the quick response and actions by the deputies and the occupants of the pontoon the incident could have resulted in tragedy.

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