Local November Weather Statistics

Local November Weather Statistics Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN---November was relatively dry and we may have had to pull out the extra quilts as we felt a little colder overnights locally according to the month’s statistics compiled by Leighton Broadcasting’s Marty Hembre. The average daytime high temperature for November was 34 degrees with the warmest temperature of 51 degrees recorded on November 27th. The coldest daytime high was 13 degrees on November 9th. The average overnight low was 16 degrees with the coldest overnight felt on November 10th when we recorded minus-one degree. The warmest overnight low was 34 degrees on November 28th. There were 10 days of precipitation: Three days of rain and seven where snow fell. The most recorded rain was three-hundredths of an inch on November 24th the total rainfall was five hundredths of an inch. The most snowfall was two-inches that fell on November 1st. The total snowfall was 5.25 inches. The total rain/snow precipitation/melt for November was thirty-nine hundredths of an inch. (.39”) bringing the total precipitation for 2017 (January-November) to 24.04” and this “winter” season snowfall so far to 6.25” or 2.99” melt.

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