Local School Districts Await K-12 Budget Approval

Local School Districts Await K-12 Budget Approval Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--Following the agreement on a two-year budget by the Governor and legislative leaders Sunday, one area school superintendent says he's o.k. with the K-12 funding portion. Detroit Lakes Superintendent Doug Froke says revenue coming from the state is just a little under 80 percent of the Detroit Lakes' district budget. The global agreement between the Governor and legislative leaders is a two-percent increase over each year in the next biennium. The superintendent said the district has bases it's preliminary budget on at least a two-percent increase in funding from the state. The governor's proposed gas tax would have provided more funding to K-12 education but it was dropped in negotiations. Superintendent Froke says anything less than two-percent would mean cuts for Detroit Lakes. He says just a half percent cut would mean $180,000 less for the Detroit Lakes district.

"We watch the economy very closely. The state's economy, for all intent and purposes, that's the large part of how we're funded." He said.

The total amount of revenue each district receives from the state is also driven by each district's student enrollment numbers.

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