Local Weather Statistics for February: Snowy, Cold

Local Weather Statistics for February: Snowy, Cold Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--February was a snowy month as local weather statistics indicate four times as much snow than January was recorded during the second month of 2018. Statistics compiled by Leighton Broadcasting studios in Detroit Lakes show 17.3 inches of snow fell in February, which was equivalent to 1.15 inches of precipitation. The most snow was recorded on February 24th and 26th with four inches of snow falling on each day. This winter's total snowfall recorded between October and February is nearly 44 inches at 43.95 inches. That melted down is equivalent to 5.76 inches of precipitation. The average high for February was 17 degrees with the warmest temperature recorded on February 15th when we recorded 47-degrees. That temp broke the record high of 45-degrees for February 15th set in 1935. The coldest high temperature was -2 recorded on February 2nd. There were three days with highs of 40 degrees or more. The average overnight low was -7. The coldest overnight temperature was -26 degrees on February 4th. The warmest overnight low was 18 degrees on February 15th.

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