Man with a Gun Arrested In School Zone

Man with a Gun Arrested In  School Zone Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--A man has been arrested following a situation at the Food-N-Fuel near Detroit Lakes Middle School/Roosevelt Elementary Tuesday afternoon. According to Detroit Lakes Police Chief Steve Todd, Food-N-Fuel management called the police department regarding a man sleeping in a vehicle for three hours in the gas station parking log. Police received the call just as school was releasing.

"When our officer went to check and made contact with the person in the car, we saw he had a gun," Chief Todd told reporters. M State, which is just across Highway 34 was locked down, as was the Roosevelt/Middle School Building.

Officers were able to defuse the situation. Piotra resisted arrest. Chief Todd told KDLM radio one officer sustained minor injuries, scrapes and cuts, but no one else was injured. No shots were fired.

The suspect has been identified as 37 year old James Poitra of Detroit Lakes. Poitra is being held on several charges including Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Possession of Sawed Off Shotgun, Possession of Dangerous Weapon in School Zone, Obstructing Legal Process with Force and miscellaneous drug charges. Poitra is in the Becker County Jail. Chief Todd says he expects formal charges to be filed Wednesday.

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