Mandatory Mask Wearing a Possibility in Detroit Lakes & Becker County

Mandatory Mask Wearing a Possibility in Detroit Lakes & Becker County Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES (KDLM) - With more cities across Minnesota implementing ordinances mandating face masks as an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 could Detroit Lakes and Becker County be next?

Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochestor and Mankato have all passed ordinances requiring people to wear a mask in public spaces like retail stores, service establishments and city government buildings.

Representative Paul Marquart speaking with KDLM on Tuesday, July 7 says he would support an ordinance requiring mandatory face masks throughout the state, but would prefer local counties and cities make those ordinances.

"If we can prevent the Governor having to dial back down or close businesses again I would support mandatory face mask wearing in public spaces."

Governor Tim Walz is expected to extend his peacetime emergency powers on July 12 continuing his sweeping authority under the state’s emergency powers law. He has not discussed publicily if he would consider a mandatory face mask ordinance throughout the state, however health experts are urging Gov. Tim Walz to require people to wear masks in public statewide amid concerns that the spike in coronavirus cases elsewhere could happen in Minnesota.

Governors in California, Kansas and Pennsylvania and several other states that are seeing rising COVID-19 numbers have mandated mask use statewide as a simple and effective step to slow the spread of the virus. Medical groups in Minnesota and the state Health Department are backing a mandate.

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