Masks in Schools a "Necessary Evil" Says Rep. Marquart

Masks in Schools a "Necessary Evil" Says Rep. Marquart Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES (KDLM) - Governor Walz announced his back to school plans yesterday which allow individual school districts to decide if and when they can return to in-person classes safely and provide a distance learning option for families and students who want it.

Any in-person learning that will be done will require adherence to the State's COVID-19 safety plans and include social distancing and masks.

Rep Paul Marquart speaking with KDLM yesterday, said he supports Governor Walz decision and that students wearing masks will be a necessary evil, "I think no one really would wish that we would be in this situation, but if we're going to keep our businesses open and our students back in the classrooms, this will be a necessary evil – the last thing I want is where we have to close businesses back down or have to continue with distance learning and there isn't even an option to go back into the schools with our students."

Detroit Lakes Public School District and many Lakes Area school districts will now need to coordinate and communicate their plans with students and their families.

In a letter to Laker families from Superintendent Mark Jenson Thursday evening, Jenson indicated a back to school guidance for Detroit Lakes would come next week. If school were to start today, Jenson said Elementary schools would be in-person, while secondary including the high school would utilize the hybrid model.

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