MN Hunting Licenses On-Sale Saturday

MN Hunting Licenses On-Sale Saturday Click to Enlarge

(KNSI) - Hunters can start planning for the deer season with the 2020 Minnesota Hunting and Trapping Regulations handbook, which is now available on the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources deer hunting page.

Hunting licenses go on sale Saturday, August 1st, and are available at any DNR license agent, by telephone at 888-665-4236, or online.

The DNR has expanded the early antlerless deer season, Oct. 15-18, to include more deer permit areas in central and southeastern Minnesota. The season increases opportunities for hunters in areas where deer populations are above population goals, or where there is an increased risk of chronic wasting disease spreading.

Deer feeding and attractant bans are in place in several areas around the state, including central Minnesota. Deer feeding includes placement or distribution of grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, hay, and other food that is capable of attracting or enticing deer. Deer attractants are natural or manufactured products that are capable of attracting or enticing deer, including salt, minerals, liquid food scents, or any product that contains or claims to contain cervid urine (example “doe in heat”), blood, gland oil, feces or other bodily fluid.

The ban is in place to stop deer from congregating and potentially spreading chronic wasting disease.

Morrison, Todd, Stearns, Crow Wing, Mille Lacs, Douglas, Pope, and Kanabec Counties are all included.

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