Nearly $267,000 in Dollars for Scholars Scholarships Awarded to Detroit Lakes High School Seniors

Nearly $267,000 in Dollars for Scholars Scholarships Awarded to Detroit Lakes High School Seniors Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--Monday, over 100 Detroit Lakes High School graduating seniors were awarded nearly $267,000 in Scholarships from the Dollars for Scholars program. Community members and businesses were on hand to present scholarships ranging from $400 to $3000 to the students. The two recipients of the 2019 Robert and June Paulson Scholarships each worth just over $63,000 were Mirella Grimm and Wade Singer. Mirella will be attending the University of Minnesota and plans to major in Medical Science. Wade will be attending NDSU and plans to major in Sports Management.

Wade Singer and Mirella Grimm

The awards were base on a point system for each student who filled out an application. Points were given for school and community activites, grade-point average and class ranking. The review committee only saw a number in place of the student name when grading the application.

The recipient of the 2019 KDLM/Leighton Broadcasting $500 scholarship was Tyler Burnside who will be atteding the University of Arizona and majoring in Marketing and Sales.

Tyler Burnside

Here is the complete list of DLHS graduating seniors and their Dollars-for-Scholars Scholarships Monday:

First Name Last Name Scholarship Name

Sadie Schmit Adolph & Elizabeth Larsen Scholarship

Brianna Clem Al Zech Memorial Scholarship for Female Athlete

Madison Henderson Al Zech Memorial Scholarship for Female Athlete

Tanner Olson Al Zech Memorial Scholarship for Male Athlete

Jack Schramel Al Zech Memorial Scholarship for Male Athlete

Elise Lakin American Legion Female Scholarship

Trey Seebold American Legion Male Scholarship

Jackson Carlblom Ames Orthodontics Scholarship

Noah Steffl Anderson Agri Sales Scholarship

Megan Noel Auroura Eckberg Scholarship

Devyn Ullyott Beatrice E. Nelson Scholarship

Kelsie Heyer Becker County Sportsmans Club

Sullivan Wood Bell State Bank Scholarship

Emily Smith Bob & Michell Harris Scholarship

Benjamin Stearns Bob & Michell Harris Scholarship

Megan Noel Bob Hooper AM Rotary Scholarship

Madilyn Kirchner Bremer Bank Scholarship

Elise Lakin Bremer Bank Scholarship

Ellie Lunde Bremer Bank Scholarship

Hunter Hagen BTD Scholarship

Philip Hinrichs BTD Scholarship

Maren Goldstein Busker Scholarship

Noah Steffl Callaway Lions Scholarship

Angel Weidenbach Callaway Lions Scholarship

Courtnee Ziegler Callaway Lions Scholarship

Breanna Price Carol Tharaldson Scholarship

Sydney Gulon Chaneys 2 Scholarship

Josephine Retz Chaneys 2 Scholarship

Maren Goldstein Chapter DQ of PEO. Sisterhood Scholarship

Sydney Gulon Chapter DQ of PEO. Sisterhood Scholarship

Adam Simons Dale Poffenberger Memorial Scholarship

McKinna Greggersen Damiens Society

Grace Lawrence Dean Piche Scholarship

Teeya Doppler Detroit Lakes CPA Scholarship

Sydney Brininger Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars 522 Scholarship

Emily Smith Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars 522 Scholarship

Maren Goldstein Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars Committee Scholarship

Caleb Inwards Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars Committee Scholarship

Grace Johnson Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars Committee Scholarship

Anneka Lindstrom Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars Committee Scholarship

Cole Metelak Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars Committee Scholarship

Greta Peterick Detroit Lakes Dollars for Scholars Committee Scholarship

Kiley Pederson Detroit Lakes Jaycees Scholarship

Sullivan Wood DL Bike Shop

Samuel Spry Donna Hagen Nursing Scholarship

Megan Noel Dr. Elizabeth McCauley Memorial Scholarship

Josephine Retz Dr. Mary Groth Scholarship

Sharanda Behlmer Dr. Robert & Marian Melick Scholarship

Kyle Miller EAA Detroit Lakes Chapter 1498 Aviation Scholarship

Whitney Schons Eagles Club Floyd Svenby Scholarship

Cora Okeson Eagles Club Jill Wothe & Garth Cannon Scholarship

Samuel Spry Edith Osterhout Scholarship

Justine Lawrence Education Minnesota Detroit Lakes

Breanna Price Education Minnesota Detroit Lakes

Jackson Carlblom Essentia Health St Marys

Sidney Lundberg Essentia Health St Marys

Ashley McDermond Fair Hills and Five Lakes Resorts - Wildflower Golf Course Scholarship

Ashley Muhlenkort Frank & Barb Foltz Second Year Scholarship

Ava Steinmetz George & Margaret Seaworth Scholarship

McKinna Greggersen George & Sally Oja Scholarship

Ariana Vedbraaten Hagen Family Scholarship

Emily Larson Herzog Concordia Scholarship

Aaron Oakes Herzog Concordia Scholarship

Benjamin Stearns Herzog U of M Scholarship

Fabyon Greer Howard, Ester, and Dr. John Myhre Scholarship

Tyler Burnside Independent Order Of Oddfellows Lakeside 105

Benjamin Stearns Isaac Eggebraaten & Jacob Hanson Scholarship

Alexiss Erickson Jack & Helen Benshoof Language Scholarship

Ramsey Nelson Jill Wothe/Garth Cannon Scholarship

Sheyenne Norberg Jim's Barber Shop Scholarship

Tatum Barnett Joan Zeman Scholarship

Jacob Bettcher Joan Zeman Scholarship

Alex Morrison Joan Zeman Scholarship

Jenna Lindberg Julie & John Pearson Scholarship

Sidney Lundberg Kathryn Engebretson Hecock PEO Scholarship

Tyler Burnside KDLM Scholarship

Justine Lawrence Kim Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Roland Cormier Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Samantha Maier Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Matthew Nelmark Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Elle Seaberg Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Henry Vogt Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Brooke Tulius L. James & Mary Lou Norby Scholarship

Caleb Fagerlie Lake Region Electric Cooperative Scholarship

Erin Mack Lakeridge Dental Scholarship

Matteya Borah Lakeshirts Scholarship

Lily Burnside Lakeshirts Scholarship

Kaitlyn Cameron Lakeshirts Scholarship

Cole Metelak Lakeshirts Scholarship

Ashley Muhlenkort Lakeshirts Scholarship

Alexis Yliniemi Les Strand Memorial Scholarship

Kyndra Mcdougall Lindy Olander Scholarship

Mark Olson Lions Club of Detroit Lakes Scholarship

Cara Seaberg Lorentzen Endowed Scholarship

Kaitlyn Bridgeman Maier Family Scholarship

Emily Bellware Maplelag Scholarship

Natalie Eidenschink Marc Henderson Memorial Scholarship

Emily Larson Mark & Cindy Fritz Scholarship

Kyle Miller Mark & Cindy Fritz Scholarship

Kelsie Heyer Max & Judy Maxwell Scholarship

Logan Burhans Midwest Bank Employee Scholarship

Paige Crompton Midwest Bank Employee Scholarship

Payton Carlbom Midwest Bank Scholarship

Do Yeon Kim Midwest Bank Scholarship

Aaron Oakes Mike & Cheryl Hutchinson Scholarship

Hailey Ballard Mike & Cheryl Hutchinson Music & Art Scholarship

Jack Schramel MMCDC Scholaship

Alexis Jesness MState Foundation Scholarship

Tyler Burnside Nereson Automotive Scholarship

Abagail King Nereson Automotive Scholarship

Alexiss Erickson Ralph Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Kaylee McMichael RDO Equipment Scholarship

Elise Lakin Richard Carr Rotary Scholarship

Jenna Lindberg Robert & June Paulson Scholarship

Wade Singer Robert & June Paulson Scholarship

Madison Heide Robert Arnold Scholarship

Jessica Bergum Rotary Breakfast Club Scholarship

William Green Rotary Breakfast Club Scholarship

Sarah Kapphahn Rotary Breakfast Club Scholarship

Noah Olds Rotary Breakfast Club Scholarship

Morgan Berger Rotary Noon Club ALC Scholarship

Alexis Jesness Rotary Noon Club M State Scholarship

Josten Bellefeuille Rotary Noon Club Scholarship

Sarah BOLAR Rotary Noon Club Scholarship

Sierra Branson Rotary Noon Club Scholarship

Wyatt Carlson Rotary Noon Club Scholarship

Paige Dahring Rotary Noon Club Scholarship

LAUREN KRENGEL Rotary Noon Club Scholarship

Emma-Leigh Ortloff Rotary Noon Club Scholarship

Reed Reller Rotary Noon Club Scholarship

Brennen Sather Rotary Noon Club Scholarship

Isaac Schumacher Rotary Noon Club Scholarship

Tucker Strawsell Royal and Eleanor Arvig Scholarship

Hunter Campbell Samuel M Hartman Scholarship

Sydney Brininger Sanford Health Scholarship

Peyton Jernberg Sanford Health Scholarship

Noah Johnson Scott & Susan Busker Family Scholarship

Abagail King SJE Rhombus Foundation Scholarship

Hailey Ballard Steve Baukol Memorial Scholarship

Brianna Clem T.I.P Scholarship

Sydney Gulon T.I.P Scholarship

Sullivan Wood T.I.P Scholarship

Lily Burnside TEAM Lab Scholarship

Peyton Jernberg TEAM Lab Scholarship

Jenna Lindberg Ted Anderson Scholarship

Natalie Eidenschink Thornton & Marcella Lemmon Memorial Scholarship

Noah Steffl Walter Schweigart Scholarship

Madison Heide Wild Rice Electric Scholarship

Caleb Inwards Wild Rice Electric Scholarship

Grace Johnson Wild Rice Electric Scholarship

Alex Morrison Wild Rice Electric Scholarship

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