New Becker County K9 In Town And His Name Is...

New Becker County K9 In Town And His Name Is... Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--A new Becker County K-9 officer is introduced to Becker County. Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander introduced Deputy Daran Borth and K-9 Durman to County Commissioners at their Tuesday meeting.

Durman comes from the Czech Republic, as most law enforcement K-9's do.

"Thanks to the generous donations of Becker County residents and businesses, this dog came to us." Durman will not begin training until September 1st and is now living with his handler, Deputy Daran Borth.

Deputy Borth has been with the Becker County Sheriff's Department since 2014. He recounted his first meeting with Durman. He said he met the dog at the airport when he arrived in a crate. Borth said there was a flash of fear at their first meeting when he found out the dog was without a lead and was told to just grab a rope, and to be careful because the dogs sometime bite, and Durman was a big dog. But Borth says he got the dog out and Durman started licking him and it's been a joy ever since. He says Durman, at a year and five months, is a good dog and minds very well.

Borth says he tried a number of names with the dog and the name "Durman" resonated with both handler and K-9.

"Durman means "Brave" or "Bold" in Old English. I thought that was fitting for his requirements in his trade, and he answers to it. I tried several other names and but we just kept going back to Durman. Daran and Durman kinda had a ring to it," said Borth.

Daran and Durman will be trained for the dual purpose of apprehension and tracking.

Becker County now has two K-9 units Daran and Durman team joins Becker Deputy Cody Bouchie and K-9 Cooper.

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