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DL School Board Adjusts Budget Due to Decreased Enrollment

DETROIT LAKES, MN--Detroit Lakes School Administration Monday presented a revised budget to make up the loss in funding from the loss of 67 students over the course of recent months in the 2017-2018 school year. Detroit Lakes Business Manager Ryan Tangen says the general education revenue loss was 488-thousand-512 dollars, however, Tangen explained that the district received other revenue , and the district was able to utilize one-time cost containments to come out with a 380-thousand-189-dollar deficit for the March revision of the 2017-2018 budget. The District was at just an over 223-thousand dollar deficit prior to the March revision. He said if enrollment holds steady and it sees any slight increase like this month, the June revision may tell a different story. Tangen says Detroit Lakes is fortunate to have healthy reserves, or a fund balance, to cover just this situation. February enrollment saw an increase of 10 students in Detroit Lakes schools.

Detroit Lakes Grad Rates Above Average

DETROIT LAKES, MN--Graduation rates for Detroit Lakes High School seniors in 2017 surpassed the statewide average graduation rate. Detroit Lakes Education Director Renee Kerzman presented the local grad rates from the recently released report by the Minnesota Department of Education at Monday night's meeting. She said Detroit Lakes Public Schools graduated 84.8% of it's seniors compared to the state average of 82.7. Breaking it down further, Detroit Lakes High School seniors were at a 93% graduation rate and the ALC saw a 58 percent rate of graduation. Kerzman said the ALC, where students are not typically on the same 4-year-graduation track, did see an increase in it's percentage.

The average state graduation rates are for those students in the traditional 4 year graduation track (9th-12grade). Schools like the ALC usually have students on five-or six-year tracks.

Kerzman also highlighted Detroit Lakes was well above average in the graduation rate among Native American Students. Kerzman says the Native American grad rate for state was 50.7 percent and the total Detroit Lakes Public School district district was 77.8 percent, with the the Senior High building alone at 90.5 percent. She said the district is extremely proud with this accomplishment.

Detroit Lakes Superintendent Doug Froke says this is significant as Native American students make up a big portion of the district's enrollment with over 600 Native American students. Putting that into perspective, he says it would be equivalent to the entire district enrollment of Lake Park Audubon schools.

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