Northwest Water Carnival Goes Virtual In 2020

Northwest Water Carnival Goes Virtual In 2020 Click to Enlarge

The 85th Northwest Water Carnival is one of many Lakes Area staples to be cancelled in the wake of COVID-19, but the DL Jaycees are still doing their part to

The DL Jaycees have partnered with Lakes TV3 and LB Video to present the Virtual Northwest Water Carnival.

"What that means is that you can do it from home," says TV3's Rayna Zima. "We are looking for people to do their own parade video, water fights, sand castle building, pup plunge, and tug-of-war. We are going to put together a montage of all the videos and enjoy Water Carnival."

You can film your video and upload it directly to the DL Jaycees website.

Lakes TV3/LB Video has put together a demo video with some requirements for filming your video: hold your phone, GoPro, or recording device horizontally, have parade participants enter from left to right, etc.

"For the parade, we're looking for individuals if they wanna walk through and wave, businesses, organizations. If you have a float already, go ahead and pull that through!"

The Jaycees are also looking for videos of people building sand castles, competing in a tug-of-war, have their dock dogs jump into the lake, but Zima says the virtual Water Fights could be very fun for families.

"If a mom or dad wants to hold a ball and have kids shooting at the ball. You don't even need a ball! Shoot each other with water guns and hoses. Have fun, be creative and upload those files."

Lakes TV3 is going to air two weeks of archived Water Carnival footage dating back to 2002 beginning the week of July 13th. The Virtual Water Carnival will air the first week in August. Footage for the Virtual Water Carnival is due on July 27th.

Reach out to Rayna Zima at with any questions.

There will be random prize drawings for people who upload videos or photos.

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