Public Utilities Urge Residents to Monitor Water Temps

Public Utilities Urge Residents to Monitor Water Temps Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--Local water officials urge city residents to monitor tap water temperatures to keep water from freezing as frost sinks deeper into the soil this time of year.

Detroit Lakes Public Utilities Public Utilities is monitoring the frost levels in the roadways around Detroit Lakes. They say they are seeing frost levels in the roads very similar to what the area experienced in 2014. That season there were several water services that froze due to excessive frost depths.

If residents need a thermometer, the city would be glad to provide one at no cost to you. Please stop by Detroit Lakes City Hall to pick one up.

In the meantime, Public Utilities is the public's help to prevent freezing of individual water service and avoid costly repairs to services. They are asking city water customers to please check the temperature of your water coming into your property. If the water temp is 38 degrees or colder, you are asked to start running a faucet with a stream about the size of a number 2 pencil lead.

Also they ask that you call them and let them know of the water temperature you are finding so they can monitor the system more closely.

The number to call is 218-846-7609 for questions or to report your water temperatures.

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