Rusty, Winnipeg's glasses-wearing therapy dog, has passed away

Rusty, Winnipeg's glasses-wearing therapy dog, has passed away Click to Enlarge

(Photo: St. Boniface Hospital via Twitter)

For 10 years, Rusty the glasses-wearing therapy dog roamed the halls at St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, comforting patients and their families during treatments and hospital stays, and bringing smiles to their faces.

Rusty turned 18 years old on Tuesday, then, according to his Facebook page, passed away the next day. His Facebook page offered some sage advice to his patients and friends. "I would like you to follow my example and work diligently in your careers," the post said. "Keep a positive attitude, and always smile at other people. It worked for me. They will smile back at you. Trust me. I want to inspire more people and their dogs to get involved in pet therapy volunteering. The demand is there, and the rewards are too."

People have taken to sharing their sadness and stories about Rusty online saying he helped so many and he always brightened people's days when they arrived at the hospital.

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