Star Lake County Highway 41 Bridge Open

Star Lake County Highway 41 Bridge Open Click to Enlarge

DENT (KDLM) - The County Highway 41 Bridge at Star Lake near Dent has reopened.

The bridge was set on fire September 6, 2020 closing the bridge to traffic for more than a month. Additional safety measures have now been put in place including limiting weight restrictions for the bridge to 14 tons for conventional vehicles and 22 tons for semi-trailers. The detour along County Highway 35 and State Highway 108 remains open for those vehicles that exceed the weight restrictions.

Bridge load posting signs have been installed at the bridge and at all major intersections, along with advisory 40 mph signs and the truck detour. Emergency vehicles are exempt from bridge load posting per Minnesota Statute.

Due to the weight restrictions, county and township equipment will not be able to plow the bridge or the adjacent roadway. A private contractor has been hired to plow snow in this area.

The bridge is scheduled to be rebuilt in 2021 at a cost of $980,000.

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