Star of Life Award Given to Several Lakes Area Emergency Personnel

Star of Life Award Given to Several Lakes Area Emergency Personnel Click to Enlarge

WADENA, Minn. – More than 85 personnel from local fire, rescue, police and sheriff’s departments attended Tri-County Health Care’s 32nd annual Emergency Medical Service (EMS) program. The event was held on Tuesday, March 12, at M State in Wadena.

This annual event includes education, networking and recognition of outstanding efforts from area emergency medical responders, law enforcement and emergency dispatch centers. Paul Nystrom, M.D., gave a presentation about the role that nutrition plays in the overall health of a first responder. Scott Geiselhart spoke about his experience with post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction, as well as the importance of taking care of one another and knowing when to seek help.

“As first responders, we all are trained to take care of everybody else. With the topics of nutrition and mental health, we’re learning to take care of ourselves so that we can better take care of others,” said Mike Ittner, EMS manager at Tri-County Health Care. “Thank you to all the responders, law enforcement and fire personnel who came.”

Several awards were presented to area personnel. The Star of Life award is given to emergency personnel for making a noteworthy contribution to efforts that resulted in saving a life. Recipients include:

* Bertha Ambulance

* Chad Peterson

* Jeremy Wolfenbarger

* Menahga Rescue

* Tim Stroeing

* Heather Warren

* Cole Lugert

* Tyler Wheeler

* Bryan Savaloja

* Keith Waaraniemi

* Brandon Pearson

* Sharon Heinen

* Renee Miller

* Eagle Bend Rescue

* Eagle Bend Police Department

* Mike Ittner

* Chelsey Cordes

* Sebeka Rescue

* Cole Yungbauer

* Troy Wangsness

* Gasiem Gonzalez

* Shannon Nielsen

Two 10-year service awards were given to Gary Stelzer and Kurt Manselle. Hewitt Fire and Rescue awarded a special Certificate of Appreciation to Rick Sullivan for his heroic work in performing life-saving actions on a friend suffering from cardiac arrest.

EMS night is sponsored by Tri-County Health Care EMS and Central Minnesota EMS Region.

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