Three Arrested in Convenience Store Robbery in Audubon

Three Arrested in Convenience Store Robbery in Audubon Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN-- A man, woman and juvenile face charges in Becker County District Court for allegedly stealing grocery items from a convenience store in Audubon Thursday.

Twenty-six year old Jamie Bevins of Callaway, Nakita Eichens of Ogema and a juvenile male were arrested early Thursday morning after Becker County Deputies responded to a silent alarm at Orton's gas station in Audubun. Court records state deputies arrived at the scene shortly after 3:30am and an employee provided a vehicle description and told a deputy that he had found a masked individual standing by the supply room door, the store clerk yelled and the individual ran out the back, smashed a window and got into the car.

A second deputy deputy followed vehicle tracks from the scene of the store that lead to a ditch where the described vehicle was found with four individuals. Deputies found individuals wearing boots and shoes that matched the prints left at the scene. They also found a number of grocery items that had been taken from the store.

Bevins faces two counts of 3rd degree burglary and possession of a burglary tool--deputies found a face mask and a set of bolt cutters where Bevins had been sitting in the vehicle; Eichens faces a count of receiving stolen property and 3-degree burglary; the juvenile male also faces a count of third degree burglary.

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