Trapped Farmer Saved from Grain Bin

Trapped Farmer Saved from Grain Bin Click to Enlarge

UNDATED--Some luck and good training saved the life of a farmer trapped at the bottom of a bin, buried by hundreds of bushels of ground corn at a farm just south of Pelican Rapids. Fire Chief Trevor Steeves says the victim was cleaning out a plugged feed line when he tripped a sensor, which flooded the bin with the grain. He said they were lucky that the bin wasn’t 70-feet in the air but actually below ground. They found the victim completely covered and were able to dig him out so he could breath. Steeves says firefighters used buckets to start digging out the corn and then brought in a giant industrial construction vacuum to suck out the remainder of the grain. The Chief says they had oxygen on him for a while and the victim is in very good condition.

“One of those Scandinavian farmers that go-go-goes every day,” he said.

Steeves has had extensive training on such rescues but he says very few victims survive these type of accidents. He says the 70-year old man is "fortunate."

(photo credit: Pelican Rapids Fire Department)

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