Viral Detroit Lakes Christmas Lights Photo Is Fake

Viral Detroit Lakes Christmas Lights Photo Is Fake Click to Enlarge

A photo circulating on the internet with a supposed image of Detroit Lakes Christmas decorations is not a photo from our fair city, but rather a recycled photo posted with the hostile intention of sullying the name of the best town in Minnesota.

The image depicting boughs of holly and a candle drawn out in lights and hanging from light poles seem to appear...uh...kind of phallic in nature.

The original photo, as far as we can track, was taken in Greece in 2015. The photo with the Detroit Lakes caption has been shared on Facebook over 20,000 times after first appearing on November 27th. So now, instead of being known as the hometown of Adam Thielen, we're known as the town with the winky lights.

This year's Christmas lights downtown feature bells, lanterns and Christmas trees.

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