Winners of the 2019 Splash Awards are...

Winners of the 2019 Splash Awards are... Click to Enlarge

DETROIT LAKES, MN--The inaugural Splash Awards were handed out by the Detroit Lakes Regional Chamber of Commerce Thursday at Holiday Inn in Detroit Lakes. Seven awards were presented to individuals or organiziations to recognize their outstanding efforts in promoting the area.

Wave Award was presented to a business or organization that sets an example for promoting and investing in the regional tourism and hospitality industry. The 2019 winner of the Wave Award was Pine to Palm/Detroit Country Club (Jim Bruflodt, Vern Schnathhorst, Bruce Meyer accepted award.

Launch Award recognizes a rising star whose leadership and willingness to serve propels the efforts of the community forward. The 2019 recipient of the Launch Award was Becky Mitchell, Becker County Museum Director and member of many committees including Polar Fest and the Ice Palace and Ice Harvest Festival committees.

Accelerator Award Presented to an individual who motivates their friends, colleagues, family and/or community to get involved. This person is a team-builder and a community collaborator who inspires us to rev up. Recipients of the the Accelerator Award were Tiffany and Scott Walz.

Ripple Award goes to a club, group or non-profit motivates and encourages us to be engaging and impactfull members of the community. Through an event, volunteerism or a business – they make people take notice of our region. The Ripple Award went to the DL Jaycees, accepted by Kate Spaeth.

Skipper Award acknowledges an individual’s commitment and service in the past year to our region. This year's winner: Ron Mueller, President of Bremer Bank

Lighthouse Award is given to a business that consistently shows their enduring commitment and service to our region. Their light shows us the way! The 2019 Lighthouse winner: Lakeshirts, accepted by Marketing Manager Mike Sidders.

Beacon Award is given to a regional advocate, longstanding repeat performer recognized for their willingness to step up, participate and lead. The Beacon Award was given to the Becker County Fair Board, Roger Winter, Sharon Leegard accepted on behalf of the board.

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