Zerr Berg Architects Gives Detroit Lakes Schools Update

Zerr Berg Architects Gives Detroit Lakes Schools Update Click to Enlarge

The Detroit Lakes School Board met via Zoom on Monday morning, June 29th. One of the first items on the agenda was an update on the construction projects across the district with Zerr Berg Architects .

"Things are coming along really well at all three sites," says Brian Berg, who is a lead architect at Zerr Berg.

At Rossman Elementary, a walk through with the inspector is scheduled for later today to look at the peripheral areas except the commons and kitchen area. There are a couple rooms that still need flooring and ceiling work done.

"We removed the stage, and seeing that space without it in there is pretty amazing." said Berg. "It looks like an entirely different room. It's gonna be a really nice commons area."

The plan is to get tile laid down and paint on the walls in the commons area in the next 10 days. Things should be wrapped up in the commons area by the end of July. Electrical and mechanical work in the kitchen should wrap up this week, then kitchen equipment will be delivered in August.

The High School has been the busiest work site, as citizens can see by driving by. In the new CTE (Career and Technical Education) wing has exterior walls up and are working on electric and mechanical installation. Berg says they are hoping to have the north side of the project closed off by the end of the week, and the south side by the end of next week.

Underground rough in for the FACS (Family and Consumer Science) area begins soon, which includes the pouring of concrete. In two to three weeks, walls should be up on that new addition. The steel for the new ninth grade addition arrived at the work site late last week. Construction on foundation for the new commons area also began last week.

The roof area has been enforced in the choir room.

"We were able to install all that steel without impacting the soffit around the perimeter of the room. We had planned to tear it out and reinstall it all, so there should be some pretty significant savings from not having to tear that out and put it back in. Both monetarily and time-wise."

At Roosevelt, crews began setting steel for the added addition last week. Crew should have that wrapped up this week to begin framing the building. The interior remodel of the fifth-grade wing is getting painted this week, and block walls begin in the gym area as well.

"On our schedule, we had that gym area slated for early next spring." Berg said. "But we could see it by January or February. That'll be a nice treat to have that wrapped up sooner than later."

The kitchen and commons area are almost completed. Sheet rock will go up this week, and tile will be completed next week.

Berg says there will be some opportunities for some building tours around the end of July or middle of August.

"Once we get enclosure and just get safety locked down so there's not a lot of heavy stuff swinging overhead. We've got some days in mind that we'd like to shoot out there. It would be nice to do it before school starts to give people a preview of what's coming. Of course, we'll have to keep numbers controlled a little bit."

You can watch the entire school board meeting below, or listen to the update from Zerr Berg Construction:

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