Becker County Sheriff Asks Residents to Avoid Stealing or damaging Campaign Signs

JT Thaden | Oct 14, 2020 AT 7:22 am

Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander says this year more signs are being stolen than in year's past, "This year we're seeing signs stolen in Becker County more than other years; it doesn't matter what side you're on, the signs are getting stolen."

Amazon Prime Day an Opportunity for Scammers

JT Thaden | Oct 14, 2020 AT 6:56 am

The Better Business Bureau is warning residents of scammers posing as Amazon employees, calling people, and claiming to need information about their accounts.

Becker County Receiving 'Unprecedented' Amount of Absentee Ballots

JT Thaden | Oct 14, 2020 AT 5:58 am

A lot of the increase can be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic which has allowed some townships to opt for absentee ballots exclusively rather than provide an in-person polling location; as well as what Brethorst calls "an abundance of caution" from voters trying to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Becker County Food Pantry to Distribute More Farmers to Families Food Boxes

JT Thaden | Oct 13, 2020 AT 2:51 pm

Friday, from 10-1pm, the Becker County Food Pantry will distribute 35 lb boxes of meat, produce and dairy items to local residents.

Iowa Derecho May Affect Minnesota Commodity Prices

Oct 13, 2020 AT 12:36 pm

In addition to prices at the grocery store, corn losses after the derecho might also affect Minnesotans' gas tanks.